Hawaii Elections 2012

Hawaii Elections 2012Some 22 candidates for state office failed to file their financial disclosure form on time, according to a statement issued today by Les Kondo, executive director of the Hawaii State Ethics Commission.

The financial disclosure forms, which includes information on a candidate’s “sources of income, business ownership interests, debts, real property ownership interests, officer and director positions held in businesses, and other financial interests, were supposed to be filed with the Hawaii State Ethics Commission and be made available for public review by Monday, July 23, 2012.

A total of 163 candidates filed their financial disclosure statements by the deadline, Kondo said today.

Another 22 candidates missed the deadline and will be fined $25.

Those being fined include:


  • Sen. Clayton Hee
  • Wendell Ka’ehu’ae’a
  • Sen. Gilbert Kahele
  • Sen. Michelle Kidani (Financial disclosure statement was received after statutory deadline)
  • Former Rep. Colleen Meyer
  • Bart Mulvihill
  • John Totten
  • Sen. Glenn Wakai


  • Former Rep. Joe Bertram
  • Rep. Corinne Ching
  • Beth Fukumoto
  • Colin Hanlon (Financial disclosure statement was received after statutory deadline)
  • Kaniela Ing
  • Edward Kaahui
  • Tercia Ku
  • Rose Martinez
  • Joe Rattner
  • Lei Sharsh
  • Dwight Synan
  • Clifton Takamura
  • Danny Villaruz
  • Carl Wong

Financial disclosure statements may be viewed online at http://hawaii.gov/ethics or at the Commission’s office at 1001 Bishop Street, American Savings Bank Tower, Suite 970, Honolulu, Hawaii, from Monday through Friday between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Kondo said.