BY PETER KAY – Steve Jobs was more than just a a tech industry visionary and genius. Historians will see him in the same genre as the Henry Fords and Nelson Rockefellers.

Let’s just think about what Apple-channeling-Steve brought to our world: from a strictly product perspective: Apple ][, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iTunes.

From a cultural perspective, he brought us the personal computer, the mp3 music player for the rest of us, the smartphone for the rest of us, the tablet for the rest of us, legitimized digital music and movie downloads, and he essentially led the entertainment and telecom industry into the 21st century.

I count myself fortunate to have been at the right place at the right time to have not only witnessed this history, but to have played an active role in it, starting my tech career with assembly language programming the hardware in the Apple ][.

The nearest possible relevant comparison is Bill Gates. Even though Gates is a giant in the industry, he doesn’t even begin to compare to what Steve brought to our world.

When one passes on, the Orthodox Christians say, “May his memory be eternal.”

Regardless of your belief system, the memory and legendary “Reality Distortion Field” of Steve Jobs will eternal as the man that represents more than any other our entrance into the 21st century.


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