BY MICHAEL P. RETHMAN – The tough economic times of late 2008 produced an once-in-a-generation leadership opportunity that a talented, attractive and multi-ethnic young president might have exploited to achieve good things for all Americans.

Unfortunately, President Obama has shown over three-plus years that he’s not that leader – unless killing Osama bin Laden is somehow all that matters. Indeed, in light of a record replete with domestic and international fumbles, including a budget deficit driven to unimagined levels and persistently high rates of unemployment/underemployment, Obama ought to be soundly defeated in November.

However, with so many Americans now feeding at the government trough, his defeat is far from a sure thing.

But still lurking in the media shadows is a compelling constitutional question that won’t leave Barack Obama alone.  Obama’s long-form birth certificate, released by the White House amid great fanfare last spring, was recently and very publicly derided by a the nationally known Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Phoenix) Arizona.

Finally, after four years of media-abetted obfuscation of Obama’s ever-changing documents, someone in authority is finally willing put his reputation on the line and publicly raise questions that should have been unambiguously answered years ago.

Ironically, a revival of this political sideshow may be what derails the Obama re-election effort in November.  Here’s why:  Obama’s self-touted long-form birth certificate, forced into the public arena by then-candidate Donald Trump last spring, was almost immediately exposed as a simplistic cut-and-paste construct — yet this story has gone ignored for almost a year.

Indeed, an Adobe Illustrator pro and video game writer in Atlanta, who goes by the YouTube handle orangegold1, downloaded the document from and quickly exposed it as fraudulent.  Orangegold1’s initial 7-minute YouTube video depicts a step-by-step forensic deconstruction of the document.  This video has had nearly 1.3 million hits thus far and its detractors’ criticisms have been thoroughly answered in Orangegold1’s follow-up videos.

So will legitimate concerns regarding the latest versions Obama’s birth documentation continue to go unknown to most Americans?  Unfortunately, it’s hard to count on reporters and editors in the so-called elite American media to ask the right questions.

Indeed, the Arpaio investigation has been widely reported in other countries, but so far the story has been covered domestically only by the Washington Times and World Net Daily.

But should the story behind Arpaio’s investigation eventually gain media traction in the U.S., Barack Obama’s re-election campaign could be in serious trouble.



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Michael P Rethman DDS, MS is a Translational Research and Marketing Consulting, a Diplomate: American Board of Periodontology, Vice-president (Scientific Research), American Dental Association Foundation, Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland, Former Chair: Council on Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association, the Past-President: American Academy of Periodontology, Past-Director: U.S. Army Institute of Dental Research and Former Chair: The Columbia Association. He lives in Kaneohe.