President Obama’s foreign policy continues to produce dramatic results.
President Obama’s foreign policy continues to produce dramatic results.

When he was running for President, Barack Obama promised to create a new era of peace and understanding with our Muslim brothers.  From bowing low to Saudi royalty, to pumping billions into Islamic countries (whom the president can no longer identify as friend or foe), the Obama administration’s policy was conciliatory and apologetic. When terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden was finally discovered, he was not groveling in a cave, he was living in an upper middle class neighborhood in Pakistan, undoubtedly with the full knowledge of the Islamic government to whom we pay billions in tribute.  Instead of the hoped for democratic revolution in Libya, Egypt, Tunisa and Sudan, the Muslim Brotherhood has delivered another avalanche of Islamic fanatics.  Sure the lunatic, insane dictators have been overthrown, but they have already been replaced by something much worse…lunatic, insane dictators who think they speak for God.

Obama has produced what may become history’s  most disastrous policy of appeasement, one that will make Neville Chamberlain look like  an intractable bully. Even as Obama tries to shore up the election season damage by claiming he killed Bin Laden, the rioters in Cairo were chanting, “We are all Bin Ladens.” Clearly, we are not better off that we were four years ago.

One small bow for a man…one giant face-plant for America.

With the brutal death of our Ambassador in Libiya (whom we supported with U.S. aid and airpower during their revolt against Khadafi), we are once again reminded that things can indeed continue to get worse…that fanatics who don’t understand human rights and freedom will never value it.  Far from grasping the concept of constitutional protected freedom of speech, they don’t understand why President Obama hasn’t cut off the head of the producer of “Innocence of Muslims.” Even as his State Department apologizes yet again for one of our citizen’s  ”reprehensible” disregard for Islamic sensitivities, they overlook the obvious fact that this attack was planned well in advance to coincide with 9/11 and they were clueless. It’s time to stop bowing and look up.

It’s also time to recognize that fact that radical Muslims appear not to care about the “sensitivities” of American infidels, or even whether we  keep our heads, our constitution or our country.