May and John Mizuno
May and John Mizuno

REPORT FROM THE MIZUNO CAMPAIGNS – Today, the Hawaii Campaign Commission ruled that Rep. John Mizuno (D-Kalihi Valley – Kamehameha Heights) and his wife, May Mizuno, a candidate for City Council District 6, did not violate any law.  A complaint was filed by the Republican Party alleging that the Friends of John Mizuno campaign donated signs to the Friends of May Mizuno campaign.

At the Commission hearing today Rep. Mizuno explained that the signs were purchased by the Friends of May Mizuno campaign for fair-market-value and that the complaint by the Republican Party should be dismissed.  The Commission agreed and dismissed the complaint.

Rep. Mizuno provides, “This shows how petty the Republican Party can be.  It is unfortunate that today we see a bunch of negative ads and outrageously offensive campaign commercials attacking the opposing candidate.  I have always stated ‘to denigrate another person to elevate yourself or your Party displays fear, hatred, and bigotry, and I don’t believe voters would want to elect such a negative person into office.'”

May Mizuno adds, “The last few months have been very exciting for both my husband and I.  As we continue going door-to-door we have met thousands of area residents who have offered kind words of encouragement.  Therefore, it is very concerning to me that the Republican Party and one of my opponents will focus on negative campaigning rather than the central issues that really affect us, such as the Rail Project, fixing our infrastructure, the issue of property taxes, affordable healthcare, housing, education, crime reduction, and bringing back the Bus routes which were cut.  I feel that our voters are inclined to vote for a positive candidate, one who does not display hate as a means to gain votes.”

It is important to note that Dean and Marissa Capelouto, husband and wife, are running as Republicans for the State Senate and State House seats in the areas of Kapolei, Makakilo, Lower Waipahu, and Ewa Beach.  Mizuno adds, “I’ve been told by a Republican that both husband and wife are using the same “Capelouto” signs.  You don’t see the Democratic Party or their opponents filing a petty complaint against the Capeloutos.  I don’t expect the husband or wife to change their name just for the sake of an election.”

Rep. Mizuno states, “It really hurts me to witness this type of hateful negative campaigning strategy.  I completely understand why Hawaii has one of the lowest voter turnouts in the nation, with such hate ads and negativity who would want to vote.  Would anyone want such a hateful candidate representing their community?  My thoughts go out to all political parties, candidates, special interest groups or political action committees, who will say or do anything to get their candidate elected.  It’s about people, not politics, so stop the hate campaign and display your platform instead.”