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Do You Want Your Child To Thrive?

Keith Wommack

By KEITH WOMMACK -- During a show, lines of cocaine, marijuana joints, and shots of tequila had been placed on the stage at a young guitarist’s feet. At the end of the show, they were untouched. Lisa Miller, PhD, believes she knows why. Dr. Miller, a Columbia University psychologist, in her new book, The Spiritual Child […]

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Visiting Sandakan--Borneo's charming entrepot

market girls

by Rob Kay and Kurt Stewart Sandakan is a port town and an entrepot to the wildlife refuges of the fabled Kinabatangan River. (See our recent article, Adventures along Borneo's Kinabatangan River: A Malaysian Wildlife Holiday). There's no question that most visitors to Sandakan are strictly passing through and are not going to be in town too […]

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A visit to Sandakan Memorial Park


By Kurt Stewart & Rob Kay On any given day, a walk through the Sandakan Memorial Park will stir up the wandering souls of the Second World War.  These were the grounds that once held some 2500 Australian and British soldiers prisoner. The locals near 8 Mile Camp, the name given to this place, will […]

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Good Faith

Russ Gerber

By RUSS GERBER -- I still recall the moment decades ago that my faith made a U-turn. It wasn’t so much a carefully thought-through turnaround as it was a desperate one. And it marked the end of weeks of periodic migraine headaches. Almost daily I would experience those headaches and they’d bring to a halt whatever I was doing. […]

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Product Review: Condor Woodworker Axe & Mechanix Gloves

Condor 1

by Rob Kay Literature (and really life) has scads of iconic couples and couplings. Just off of the top of my head I can think of love & marriage, soup & salad, Batman & Robin and for those of a certain generation, Lucy & Ethel. The list goes on. A lesser known duo that became obvious for me over […]

March 31st, 2015 | Posted in Guest Commentary,On Target,Opinion,Special Features | Read More »

Tim Yan's buyer's guide to AK optics and mounts

scope + mount

by Rob Kay Several years ago while wandering the floor of the SHOT Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center I was fortunate enough to literally bump into Tim Yan.  Yan is a freelance writer and IMO Field Editor with articles published in Shotgun News, G&A: Book of the AR15, G&A Handguns, G&A: Book of the AK47, Be […]

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Top 5 questions to ask your Hawaii Home Builder


So you are ready to embark on a home improvement project or even build a new home. Now it’s time to sit down with your builder and have a conversation. Assuming you have done a thorough check into your builder’s credentials, required licenses, insurance and references, there are a few other questions to ensure a […]

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Escape the painful consequences of sin

Keith Wommack 2.1

By Keith Wommack -- In a recent column, I wrote about my escape from shoulder pain by the use of prayerful treatments. What I didn’t detail was the mental course correction that took place because of the treatment. The day before the pain began, my wife and I were playing with Kirby, a small kitten […]

March 9th, 2015 | Posted in Guest Commentary | Read More »

How to buy an AK, Part 2--Q&A with Mike Owen of Meridian Ordnance


by Rob Kay   Learn what you need to know about buying an AK. I don't think there's ever been a more informative interview on this subject in this column. We continue with Part 2 of our interview series with Mike Owen of Meridian Ordnance LLC.  ************* Q: We've talked at length about how to buy a new […]

March 5th, 2015 | Posted in Guest Commentary,On Target,Opinion,Special Features | Read More »

How to buy an AK, Part 1-- Q&A with Mike Owen of Meridian Ordnance

IMG_1925 (1)

by Rob Kay Buying an AK is a confusing process for a newbie. There's an incredible amount to learn. What's more, finding really objective information on the differences between the manufacturers and variants is not easy. There's also a ton of choices with a commensurate spectrum of prices.  Are you better off buying from a shop or online? What […]

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