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Hawaii's Coqui Conflict


BY SYDNEY ROSS SINGER - I received yet another call from someone distressed about coqui tree frog on her property. No, she wasn't wanting to find out how to kill the frog. She was trying to find out how to keep it and resist aggressive neighbors wanting the frog destroyed. For many people in Hawaii, […]

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Filing Close to Tax Deadline? Get a Receipt

Tom Yamachika, Tax Foundation of Hawaii

By Tom Yamachika - Mr. and Mrs. Stocker waited until the day their taxes were due, October 15, 2007. Mr. Stocker went to the Post Office and handed envelopes containing his 2006 federal taxes, 2006 Michigan taxes, and amended 2003 federal taxes to the postal clerk. Of note, the amended 2003 return claimed a federal […]

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The Incompetence of HART. Cheapest Bid for 9 Stations Comes 75% Over Budget!

GET SMART: Panos Prevedouros, a professor of engineering at the University of Hawaii, says HECO should invest in smart grid technology not costly "pie in the sky" ideas.

BY PANOS PREVEDOUROS PHD - Here is good coverage of the situation in the Hawaii Reporter. Some additional comments: The pain in cost overruns and construction congestion will be severe. The only thing we can do now is kick the people responsible for rail out of office.  Six are out already (Mufi, Peter, Linda, Neil, […]

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On Target Hawaii Profile: The Evolution of RS Regulate

RS Regulate

  by Rob Kay I formerly worked in Silicon Valley where entrepreneurship and the passion to create technology are absolute necessities to succeed in building a company. What’s never too far from people’s minds is the thought of striking it rich. It’s all about having an “exit strategy”, that is...how much money you’re gonna make […]

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Hawaii General Election Gubernatorial Candidates on the Jones Act

Matson and Horizon monopolize Hawaii's shipping market because of the Jones Act
Photo: Emily Metcalf

BY MICHAEL HANSEN - We have had an exciting primary election season in Hawaii culminating on primary election day on Saturday, August 9, 2014, and the general election campaign promises even more political thrills through election day on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Especially noteworthy is that a major gubernatorial candidate in the general election has […]

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Hawaii Kai CPA Launches Blog on Local Politics

Natalie Iwasa

BY NATALIE IWASA - One of the greatest things about campaigning for the Honolulu City Council these past few months was getting to talk, debate and share ideas with so many people. Let's not lose that momentum and that great energy. Join me on my new blog where we can keep talking and sharing our […]

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Flying High: Taxes and fees on travelers continue to rise

Tom Yamachika, Tax Foundation of Hawaii

By Tom Yamachika - Recently, the airline industry was in the spotlight because Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fees rose on July 21 from $2.50 for nonstop flights and $5.60 for connecting flights to $5.60 for all flights. Very few travelers look forward to the security line at the airport and what that entails, and fewer […]

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Looking evil in the eye through the lens of a camera

James Foley, Syria, 2012. Photo: Manu Brabo.

The execution of American photojournalist James Foley by ISIS terrorists is an evil, despicable act and a harrowing reminder of the heroism of our war-zone journalists. Foley, a former Stars and Stripes reporter, left his home and family in New Hampshire to cover the civil war in Syria two years ago, and before he was […]

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New Format Planned for This Year’s Community Budget Meetings

Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa

WAILUKU – Mayor Alan Arakawa and his administration will host a series of community meetings in September and October to receive comments and suggestions from the public regarding the proposed budget for the Fiscal Year 2015-2016. Citizens with an interest in the County budget are encouraged to attend a meeting in their local area and […]

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Energy costs rise, solar industry crashes, in Hawaii under Rep. Chris Lee's dismal legislative leadership

Mililani Trask

By Mililani B. Trask – In his letter to Hawaii Reporter refuting my initial editorial, State Rep. Chris Lee is unable to address his actions as Chair of the House Energy Committee, to refute the letter sent to by Mr. Isibashi, West Hawaii Planning Commissioner regarding Lee’s lengthy and unnecessary amendments, nor has Lee explained […]

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