Cam Cavasso, Republican candidate for US Senate
Cam Cavasso, Republican candidate for US Senate
Cam Cavasso, Republican candidate for US Senate

REPORT FROM CAM CAVASSO’S CAMPAIGN FOR SENATE – In a letter dated September 24, 2014, U.S. Senate Candidate Cam Cavasso called for Senator Brian Schatz to debate him in a series of debates (see attached).

In the letter, hand delivered to the Schatz campaign headquarters yesterday September 25, 2014, Cam states I feel that it would be appropriate and respectful to the voters of Hawaii to schedule one debate on Oahu and further debates on each of the four larger neighbor islands.” Cam then outlined recommended dates and times for the debates, but also said he was flexible.  
He added “The people of Hawaii deserve to be informed as to our respective positions and qualifications for office.

Cam explains “So far the public has not heard from the Senate Candidates in a debate.  It might behoove Schatz to keep his head down and hide from appearances in public where there is an opposition voice, but the public deserve to assess their candidates going head to head on the issues.”

No response has yet been received by the Cam Cavasso for U.S. Senate campaign.



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