Ben Cayetano
Ben Cayetano

BY ROBERT WATADA – Many people are asking why Ben Cayetano is running for Mayor of Honolulu.  After all, he has reached the top as Governor.

The answer is simple.  Ben Cayetano genuinely and deeply cares for the people of Hawaii.  Especially those, who are economically less fortunate in our community. The people in our community who are financially struggling.

Ben has not forgotten his Kalihi roots, where each day a meal was a real blessing.  Survival, a home and something to eat was a daily struggle.

Ben could not stand by and enjoy his retirement while the wannabe aristocrats taxed the people for public projects such as a “rail to nowhere” to promote their political ambitions.

Hawaii taxes are among the highest in the country, and taxes to benefit a few contractors and union members at the expense of our community members who are already living on the dire edge of poverty is unconscionable


Robert Watada is the former state Campaign Spending Director for Hawaii.