Charles Djou’s Election: A Tipping Point


RiverdaughterBy Cam Cavasso

Congressman-Elect Charles Djou’s victory is a tipping point in Hawaii politics. It is clear that the patience of the Aloha State voters with the entrenched political establishment has reached its limit. The voters demand accountability and results from their representatives in elected government, not more of the same politics as usual.

In the three-way race in the First Congressional District Special Election, voters had the opportunity to choose between a veteran politician with an Inside-the-Beltway résumé, the hand-picked proxy of the Hawaii political machine, or a fresh face who brought new ideas to the campaign and ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility, transparency and accountability. The voters have spoken and that fresh face, Charles Djou, will now represent the First District of Hawaii in Congress.

This election proved that no seat in Hawaii is “safe” and that the Inouye political machine will be held accountable by the voters this November. When we catch the ‘Djou Wave’ that won in the ‘Obama District’ and build on this momentum to turn the ‘Obama State’ into one that is no longer subject to one-party rule, I hope to join Congressman Djou as part of Hawaii’s delegation to Washington after November’s election.

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Campbell “Cam” Cavasso is a small-business owner and farmer in Windward Oahu, where he lives with his wife Tula, 5 children and 9 grandchildren. For more information on Cam Cavasso, please visit