Hawaii resident Isaac Brumaghim has an encounter last Aprii with a shark that stole his fish.

With eight shark attacks on humans in Hawaii so far this year, just four in the last month including one that took the life of a 20-year-old German tourist, one company is starting to promote is shark deterrent products here.

Hawaii resident Isaac Brumaghim has an encounter last Aprii with a shark that stole his fish.

Shark Shield, which maintains it has the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent, sells products to keep sharks away from swimmers, ocean sports enthusiasts and fisherman.

In addition to shark attacks this year and a record number in 2012, Hawaii resident Isaac Brumaghim, who was fishing from his kayak, had a close call when a tiger shark jumped out of the water stealing his catch. The video of the encounter had more than 10 million views.

Department of Land and Natural Resources chairman William Aila said the recent shark attacks in Hawaii “appear to be random events involving sharks of different species and different sizes.”

“There’s nothing we can yet discern that connects the incidents or provides any sort of explanation,” Aila said. “Every few years there’s a little spike, and we’ve now seen an unprecedented spike.”

A spokesperson for Shark Shield said their experts have noticed that sharks have become more aggressive in the last few years, and have learned to take fish right off fishing hooks.

Shark Shield recently teamed up with Jim Sammons, who hosts the Kayak Fishing Show, to promote the products in Hawaii and worldwide.

Sammons has had many “close calls” with sharks, including with the shark that tore a fish from his hands during filming for the shows in New Zealand, which was documented here.

“I don’t have a particular fear of sharks, but I have certainly had my share of close encounters” says Sammons, “Shark Shield will help ensure my catch remains my catch, and it will certainly give me more peace of mind while my feet are dangling in the water.”

“We’ve noticed a change in shark behaviour over the last few years, in that sharks are learning to approach anglers after they hook a fish, and then steal those fish for an easy feed,” said Amanda Wilson, Managing Director at Shark Shield. She said this is what is known as a “shark tax.”




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