Bullet hole at Ben Cayetano headquarters.
Bullet hole aimed at Cayetano campaign sign.

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN – At least eight shots were fired at Ben Cayetano mayoral campaign signs posted at Cycle City, just across the street from his campaign headquarters off Nimitz Highway.

Two bullet holes were from a high powered rifle and the others from a smaller caliber firearm or air gun, according to campaign co-chair and spokesperson, Ret. Judge Walter Heen.

The first bullet hole was discovered on Friday, Heen said, in a hallway window where there is considerable employee foot traffic. The campaign volunteers and Cycle City staff removed the other campaign signs to ensure employee safety and discovered 7 additional bullet holes.

There is a $5,000 reward offered by Cayetano for any information leading to the arrest of those involved.

Cycle City’s state of the art solar powered building which has won many awards for design and energy, is where the company sells Harley Davidson motorcycles and merchandise. It also has thick tempered glass, which stopped the bullets from entering the building.

The building is a prime location for candidate banners because drivers passing by on the busy H-1 Freeway have a clear view.

Heen said in all his many years in politics, as chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii and as head of the Honolulu City Council, he has seen many dirty tricks, but he has never experienced anything like this.

The shooting was an attack an assault on free speech, he said, adding “People should be up in arms.”

Employees at Cycle City have received calls asking why the business is supporting Cayetano.

Two other Cayetano campaign banners posted at supporters’ homes also were stolen.

When asked how Cayetano is handling the incident, Heen said he is not afraid. “Anyone who asks if he is afraid doesn’t know him.”