Elections 2012
Illustration by Emily Metcalf
Elections 2012
Illustration by Emily Metcalf

Election Filing Deadline Looms

The 2012 election filing deadline is Tuesday, June 5, by 4:30 p.m. and both major political parties are scrambling to recruit candidates to fill seats.

There should some be some surprises, because there are new districts created through reapportionment – and some incumbent elected officials who will be forced to run against one another because of reapportionment who may choose instead to seek different offices.

In any event, the real winners will be the people who sell signs, print brochures and sell advertising because with reapportionment, there are so many political candidates and races.

Caldwell Ads Trying to Be More Local, but Will it Backfire?; Pacific Resource Partnership’s New Radio Ad Attacks Cayetano, but former Hawaii Governor turned Mayoral Candidate is Not Bothered

Honolulu Mayoral Candidate Kirk Caldwell seems to be trying to appeal to more local people with his new radio ads that attack his opponents.

In Caldwell’s most recent radio ad, the commentator uses slang such as “ya ha” to drive home Caldwell’s claim that he has details in his transportation plan, but mayoral challengers Ben Cayetano and Peter Carlisle do not.

Will the frequent use of slang and pidgin English – work  – or be insulting and condescending to voters?

In another radio commercial, sponsored by Pacific Resource Partnership, its spokesperson, John White, is attacking former Gov. Ben Cayetano again.

Several union organizations and pro rail groups are targeting Cayetano because he opposes the city’s $5.3 billion elevated steel on steel rail project, which is potentially is a big money maker for them.

Pacific Resource Partnership is the same group that ran those push polls against Cayetano and City Council Member Tom Berg, which both men say were designed to spread false information about them to voters.

The new Pacific Resource Partnership commercial is taunting Cayetano and demanding that he release his transportation plan.

White also sent an email to his entire mailing list demanding recipients tell Cayetano to “come clean.”

White also cited the pro-rail Star Advertiser’s criticism of Cayetano’s opposition to the Honolulu rail.

He said Cayetano’s ideas to improve traffic are “outdated and misguided,” and will force people out of their cars and on to buses.

That is a play on rail opponents claim that the rail will force people out of their cars and on to the rail.

Cayetano told Hawaii Reporter last week he wasn’t concerned about the Pacific Resource Partnership attack ads, because he had already planned to release his full transportation plan in the Sunday Star-Advertiser as Caldwell and Carlisle did as well.

Apparently Not Everyone Loves Linda Lingle

Former Governor Linda Lingle opened her campaign headquarters for her U.S. Senate Campaign on Friday night with 300 people in attendance.

But not everyone that showed up was there to support Lingle. Two campaign signs and their metal stands were stolen from the front of the property on Dillingham Boulevard.

In a statement, the campaign said they were “disappointed” that on a night of such celebration such disrespect would be shown to Hawaii’s former governor and candidate for the United States Senate.




  1. Caldwell might try a real local saying for his campaign slogan. May I suggest, “If can can, if no can no can.” Bruddah, most time no can.

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