Exclusive: Portlock madam releases black book

Malia Arciero
Malia Arciero
Malia Arciero

BY MALIA ZIMMERMANHONOLULU – A 33-year-old madam who operated her elite prostitution business from Portlock, one of Hawaii’s most prestigious neighborhoods, for about a decade, said her list of clientele included a former member of Hawaii’s congressional delegation, judges, a deputy prosecutor and celebrities.

Malia Arciero, who is being held at the Honolulu Federal Detention Center on drug possession and distribution charges, agreed during an exclusive in-person interview with Hawaii Reporter to disclose the list of her clients.

Arciero provided access to two of several of her “black books” as evidence of her 10-year prostitution empire, which began in 2001, and included 5 to 6 prostitutes whom she managed.

The 200-page manual details some names, phone numbers, emails, preferences and fetishes of hundreds of male clients and some couples, who she booked by phone and through an extensive web of several dozen escort web sites.

Her escorts, who Arciero said she protected from whims of violent pimps, accepted clients from every Hawaii County, the U.S. mainland as well as foreign countries. The escorts met many of their clients in their Waikiki hotel rooms, her records show.

A review of the books show many of her clients were white-collar professionals including physicians, dentists, psychologists, college professors and managers of prominent local financial institutions and corporations. There were also members of the military. Several men gave their full names, work phone numbers and work email addresses to Arciero, which she noted.

A well-known chef from the Food Network that Arciero describes as “loaded,” left her a $700 tip after spending $1,000 for four hours. Arciero also wrote one of her clients was and an on air personality from ESPN, whom she recognized, and another, a producer from a LA movie studio.

Several clients had odd fetishes, which she made a notation of, such as “Butt sniffer-sniffs butts”, “armpit sucker” and “spit worshiper.”

Portlock madam notes bizarre fetishes of her clients
Portlock madam notes bizarre fetishes of her clients

A wrestler paid her $100 for a half hour, and all she had to do was “put him in some wrestling holds,” she wrote.

One of her solicitors asked to trade an airline ticket for sex.

Another demanded his escort wear “cotton white panties, jeans shorts and a tank top.”

Posts next to some clients note they are married with kids and want to be discrete or said they just “want to have fun.” One wanted to meet her in Kaneohe six days before his wedding.

She also lists reminders next to clients, such as “weirdo,” “scary”, “cheap but easy,” “big tipper”, “nice and fat”, “asshole that I hit”, “smokes weed”, “2 excited”, “blind dude”, “loves smiles and toes”, “wanted to get kinky” and “tweaker.”

Arciero has several other volumes of records, which she told Hawaii Reporter she will release soon in order to prove her story.

Hawaii Reporter will continue to check the hundreds of phone numbers and emails to determine if there are any public officials documented in the black books or financial records.

Hawaii Reporter first interviewed the madam last week after she made stunning allegations in a civil lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court against a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division.

She accuses Ryan Faulkner, a Special Agent with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division, of abusing his authority.

According to the lawsuit, she said she witnessed – and was even a victim – of his criminal activity while she worked as his informant over a 6-month period from April 28, 2013, and ended in the fall of 2013. (See the Arciero lawsuit here)

Faulkner arrested Arciero in April 30, 2013 on drug possession and distribution charges that may land her in federal prison for as long as 10 years. Arciero’s attorney, Gary Dubin, filed the civil lawsuit Arciero’s behalf on March 27, 2014, five months after her arrest.

Faulkner’s October 2013 affidavit documenting Arciero’s arrest notes the existence of electronic recordings of an illegal drug buy that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents set up at Faulkner’s direction to target Arciero and her sister, Keke.

However, Arciero said it was an informant working for Faulkner and simultaneously dating her sister Keke who planted drugs and set them up. She told Hawaii Reporter it was part of Faulkner’s plan to get her to work as his informant, so he could tap into her many underworld sources.

She maintains he put her in life threatening situations and forced her to use her own money for drug and firearms buys from felons that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were targeting.

In one of the most graphic sections of the lawsuit, Arciero claims Faulkner sexually assaulted her late at night in a supply closet at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division headquarters after he handcuffed her to a table. In the lawsuit, she offered graphic details as evidence of the assault she alleges.

Faulkner cannot comment on the lawsuit, he said.

“As much as I would love to, I have been told that I cannot comment on it, unfortunately,” Faulkner said. “I would love to just wear my heart on my sleeve, but I just have to weather it. I can’t comment. I am sorry,” he said last week, after acknowledging the seriousness of the allegations against him by Arciero.

Faulkner was a police officer with the Honolulu Police Department for 10 years before joining Homeland Security Investigations in 2007.

In the lawsuit, Arciero cited multiple times where she witnessed Faulkner confiscating as much as $200,000 in cash during various arrests, then kept the cash for himself. Just a fraction of what Faulkner collected was turned in as evidence, she said.

“No one seemed to be supervising him,” Aciero claimed in the lawsuit.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not being sued by Arciero, but a spokeswoman for the agency said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) places the highest priority on protecting the safety of those it serves. She maintained the agency has strict safeguards and protocols in place – governed by regulation and policy — to ensure the security of its special agents and officers, employees, crime victims, and individuals who come into the agency’s custody.

Dubin said two investigators from Homeland Security Investigations will look into Arciero’s allegations.

While Arciero awaits her criminal trial in August, she is being held in the Honolulu Federal Detention Center. She said she was rearrested after 6 months as Faulkner’s informant because she stopped communicating with him when he threatened to sexually assault her again.

Both Dubin and Arciero said they wanted her story on the record to protect Arciero.





  1. I say get rid of prostitution and the covens that proliferate the depravity of those "adults" who love to satisfy their flesh rather that to live a life with the one they made vows to, if they're married. Those that are not a spouse should STOP supporting such rotten behavior known as prostitution. This woman can claim all she wants but at the end she better hope her lawyers know how to play her game. The process of the law will eventually convict those who are guilty.

  2. Malia Arciero is a lying low-life drug dealer. Ryan Faulkner is the most honest law enforcement officer in the State of Hawaii.

  3. Some people are so blind. Even "good people" screw up. This sounds like another "cover up". Hawaii has been trying to 'cover up' all the political crimes for too damn long. It's about time an "official" is in the 'hot seat'. I say rip it WIDE open!!

  4. The same guys that use the services of prostitutes are the ones that punish the women for it. They use their services then make laws to make life miserable for them, they use their services and beat them, they use their services and make every attempt possible to prevent them from getting out of that life if they attempt to leave, they use their services and won't allow them to get ahead in mainstream society, they use their services but will not hire them for a regular job. Until prostitution is legal and the women are no longer punished for having sex then all is fair. Release the names of the guys that pay women for sex and then treat them inhumanely. Legalize it, install protections for sex workers, and build genuine confidentiality contracts.

    • Malia is the one who is the user, she used your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, and probably her neighbors, the micros! She used drugs, and probably sold them to your children! Whatever allegations she claims is gonna weigh as much as her credibility stands. She was in the wrong from the giddyup, she was living the life of a madam, exploiting women, another wrong…and she just has to face what's coming to her, because if she graduated from school, two wrongs do not make it right!

  5. Hawaii political elite is burying this story!! plain and simple. none of the local news orgs. want to tough this one!! it's damn sickening !

  6. Did you know that Arciero's attorney Gary Dubin spent nearly two years in federal prison for tax fraud? It's one crook representing another. Only in Hawaii. And how would you feel about Arciero if it was one of your kids who smoked the crystal meth she was bringing into the islands?

  7. When it comes to money everyone is doing wrong, especially those who work in the law enforcement, fuckin crooks.

  8. Prostitutes are perfect prey for crooked cops. Prostitutes on drugs are even more helpless in the hands of one. This is related to sexual trafficking and it is a legitimate womens issue. Just because someone is a woman and a prostitute doesn't make them any less of a victim than anyone else. She has as much right to ask for an investigation as anyone. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

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