Forget About Balance–Strive for Harmony


As a Success Coach who works with a lot of busy people, one of the most frequent requests I hear is people wanting to get their lives in balance.

I tell them to forget about achieving balance.  Go for harmony.

Why harmony instead of balance?  Getting your life in balance is overrated.

Balance implies that everything is equal. However, the priorities in your life are always shifting and rarely do you have the time to give everything equal attention. So you need to create a vision that will account for all of the various things you have going on in your life, and be able to comfortably blend those parts into a harmonious relationship. As Iyanla Vanzant says, “Harmony means creating a life in which everything gives to and supports every other aspect of your life. It requires that your mind and heart, your work and play, your physical reality and your spiritual reality enhance each other and add value to others.”

Harmony is important because it creates a flow of higher energy which allows you to work better, feel better, have better relationships and a stronger connection to that which you want to achieve.

To create harmony in your life, find your melody and build everything around that.

Your melody can be described as “finding your calling” or “finding your true passion or purpose.” It can also mean finding out who you really are or who you are really meant to be. I prefer to call this finding your soul song—that inner essence that has been with you through the ages. It defines you, it embodies you, it guides you. It’s a light that burns within, that never really goes out, that even in your darkest times it’s there like a beacon calling you back and guiding you onward. You may take different paths throughout your lifetime, but this soul song continually calls to you. When you know it, hear it, and live it, then your life becomes harmonious because you start letting go of those things that don’t support your song. You can let go of things that don’t belong in your life. There becomes an ease and understanding to all that surrounds you.

So how do you find your melody? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help bring forth your melody.

  1. If time, money, and training were no object, what would you be doing?

2. What have you always enjoyed doing? Is there a pattern to these activities?

3. Are there certain coincidences or people or opportunities that are constantly put in your path?  Is there a common thread?

4. What are you doing that makes you the most comfortable and happy?  

5.  Is there something that people are always encouraging you to do or be?

When you discover who you are, when you start finding out what it is that makes you sing, and when you know you’ve found what it is that makes you happy (and that happiness is set in service to humanity), you will discover the secret to creating harmony in your life. When you forget about finding balance and instead listen to the harmony you’re creating, you’ll find that decisions come easier, your life is less stressed, and you’ll know you’re on the right path to creating the life you want to achieve.

Start listening for the melody of your heart and know that your happiness is written in the harmony.





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