Four Simple Ways to Live Well

Someone asked me about my daily routines. They wanted to know how I stay so focused and calm. Why I’m always so positive. How I blend so many different things I do into a natural flow for my life.
In a nutshell, I practice filling my soul, mind, body and heart. These are the elements that keep me in check and in happy harmony. These are the things I do on a regular basis.  Just like breathing in and out, these are a natural part of my daily rhythm.
  • Do something for your soul. Be in gratitude. Be clear why you’re here. Meditate. Pray. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Sit in silence. (These are the quiet elements that start and end my day each day.) Throughout the day I remind myself to accept 100% responsibility for my life; give up blaming and complaining; believe it’s possible; take action; and remember that I can’t control other people, I can only control how I choose to respond.  Knowing and doing these things every day allows me to live with less stress and more joy.
  • Do something for your mind. I like to read. I have about six books in progress ranging from “The Blue Zones Solution” by Dan Buettner to “Soul Over Matter” by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha and Adam Markel.  So much amazingness to be learned from others! What else can you do? Learn a new life hack from FB–I’m always amazed at the crazy things you can try. Or convert a cookie recipe to triple the ingredients without using a calculator. (I did this recently when making over 500 cookies for Christmas gifts.) Set a breakthrough goal that would be the equivalent of achieving a 50-yard touchdown and see how far you’ll go.  Keep your mind active and engaged.
  • Do something for your body. Walk along the ocean. Get a pedicure (guys, you can too!). Eat pastured, organic eggs (they really do taste better!). Get adjusted regularly by a chiropractor (huge difference to the body and how it can function). Guiltlessly enjoy a Godiva chocolate. Be spontaneous.  Laugh more.
  • Do something FROM your heart. Call or visit with someone instead of e-mailing or texting. Listen without judgment. Send a hand-written note. Stand up for someone who’s having trouble standing up for themselves. Love with all your heart.

Living well is about doing simple things on a regular basis that engage your soul, mind, body, and heart. Take the time to find at least one thing in each area that you can do every day. Try it for 21 days. The changes that happen for yourself and those around you will be positively amazing.



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