Kathryn Xian is head of GirlFest and the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery.
Kathryn Xian is head of GirlFest and the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery.
Kathryn Xian is head of GirlFest and the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery.

HONOLULU – The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, Hawaii’s oldest and only LGBT political organization that is part of any political party, released the list of candidates that they are supporting in Hawaii’s 2014 primary election.

“The GLBT Caucus continues its proud tradition of supporting Democratic candidates that support the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s platform, which now includes full support for eradication of discrimination”. said Michael Golojuch, Jr. GLBT Caucus chair, “This year we had a major first, we had so many candidates, incumbents and challengers alike, that support justice and equality for ALL of Hawaii’s residents. That is in essence the cornerstone of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.”

The GLBT Caucus used a combination of surveys, candidate forums, and voting records to compile the list of supportive candidates. Due to the number of supportive candidates the Caucus had to come up with a way to differentiate between candidates in races that have multiple Democrats running in the primary.

They did this by distinguishing between the Democratic candidate’s level of engagement and work for justice & equality by listing them either as an ADVOCATE or SUPPORTER.

ADVOCATE refers to someone who has gone above and beyond in support of LGBT rights

SUPPORTER refers to someone who supports LGBT rights.

Congressional District One Race

Stanley Chang – ADVOCATE
Mark Takai – SUPPORTER
Kathryn Xian – ADVOCATE

Governor’s Race:

Neil Abercrombie – ADVOCATE

Lt. Governor Race:

Clayton Hee – ADVOCATE

Sam Puletasi – SUPPORTER

Shan Tsutsui – SUPPORTER

SD 1: Gilbert “Gil” Kahele

SD 3: Joshua “Josh” Green

SD 4: Malama Solomon

SD 5: Gilbert Keith-Agaran

SD 6: Rosalyn “Roz” Baker

SD 7: J. Kalani English

SD 12: Brickwood Galuteria

SD 17: Clarence Nishihara

SD 18: Michelle Kidani

SD 21: Maile Shimabukuro

SD 24: Jill Tokuda


HD 1: Mark Nakashima

HD 3: Richard Onishi

HD 4: Faye Hanohano

HD 6: Nicole Lowen

HD 7: Cindy Evans

HD 8: Joseph Souki

HD 10: Angus McKelvey

HD 11: Kaniela Ing

HD 12: Kyle Yamashita

HD 14: Derek Kawakami

HD 16: Dee Morikawa

HD 18: Mark Hashem

HD 19: Bert Kobayashi

HD 20: Calvin Say

HD 21: Scott Nishimoto

HD 22: Tom Brower

HD 24: Della Au Belatti

HD 25: Sylvia Luke

HD 26: Scott Saiki

HD 27: Takashi Ohno

HD 28: John Mizuno

HD 29: Karl Rhoads

HD 32: Linda Ichiyama

HD 34: Gregg Takayama

HD 35: Roy Takumi

HD 51: Chris Lee


HD 4: Joy San Buenaventure – SUPPORTER

HD 4: Leilani Bronson-Crelly – SUPPORTER

HD 17: Chris Stump – ADVOCATE

HD 40: Isaiah Chong – ADVOCATE

HD 41: Matt LoPresti – ADVOCATE

HD 42: Michael Golojuch – ADVOCATE

HD 48: Jarrett Keokokahele – SUPPORTER

HD 50: Holly Broman – ADVOCATE


Chris Lum Lee – SUPPORTER

Submitted by Michael Golojuch, Jr., Chair, GLBT Caucus