Manchin explained in detail why he would not appoint himself, saying that even though people wanted him to, he wouldn’t. Manchin said the election process is important.

Manchin, in a letter sent today, asked Attorney General Darrell McGraw to give his opinion of Secretary of State Natalie Tennant’s decision to hold a special election alongside the 2012 general election.

Until the law is clarified, Manchin will not be making an appointment to Byrd’s seat yet. A decision process will be released at that time. That opinion could come as soon as next week. Then the Legislature will be consulted as to whether the law needs amended. If the law is changed allowing for a special election in November, Manchin said he would “strongly consider” running.

Manchin says that the White House has not placed any pressure to fill the seat.

While Manchin is reluctant to announce the name of the person he is considering, he did say he would not appoint someone who supports cap and trade.

Sen. Byrd passed away after complications arising from dehydration. He served in the U.S. Senate for 52 years, becoming the longest serving and oldest Senator in the history of Congress. He was 92-years-old.

Byrd was buried beside his wife Erma in Arlington, Va., on Tuesday.

Watch the full video of the press conference below:



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