BY VICTORIA ‘CRICKET’ CHUNG – I have been able to call former Gov. Linda Lingle a friend for over 30 years.

As a retired public school teacher and life-long resident of Molokai, I have watched Linda Lingle gain the respect and admiration of our community for her service as a council member and her leadership as Mayor of Maui.

I was privileged to work on her council and mayoral campaigns and was her Molokai Field Director for her three campaigns for governor.

As anyone who has worked in a political campaign knows, you get to see a person up close and under considerable pressure when they are running for office.

That is why I can say with conviction that Linda Lingle is not the “bomb throwing” “hyper-partisan” some national political operatives would try to assert.

She is a practical moderate who has always kept the best interests of Hawaii as her core motivation.  Governor Lingle is a public servant of the noblest demeanor who always puts people before Party.

In Hawaii we have a saying “no talk stink.”  The folks in Washington DC need to respect our island standards.