by Panos Prevedouros, mayoral candidate – We are pleased that Mufi Hannemann has finally decided to run for Governor but we are disappointed that he did not resign from his current position as Mayor of Honolulu.

For several months now he has been campaigning for Governor and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for his run for Governor while at the same time receiving full salary from Honolulu taxpayers. This is clearly not in the best interest of Oahu.

Hannemann needs to do the right thing and resign immediately or at least commit to resign by June 30, 2010 so that the Council has adequate time to declare a Honolulu Mayor race that can take place at no extra cost during the September Primary Elections.

We look forward to the race for Honolulu mayor. We’re ready to stop the rail, and ready to fix Oahu with Smart Sensible Solutions.

Panos Prevedouros is a candidate for mayor in 2010 and a professor of traffic engineering at the University of Hawaii