President Obama speaks in Hawaii at the Ihilani Resort on November 13, 2012
President Obama speaks in Hawaii at the Ihilani Resort on November 13, 2012

BY JAY ZABLAN – I just read the Hawaii Reporter article on the cost of President Barack Obama’s last Christmas vacation and wondered why he isn’t more considerate of the costs he runs up every time he visits here. With America in such dire financial straits he still thinks nothing of spending a few million here or there, especially lately on his cross-country campaign jaunts and on Canadian buses.

I endured the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation traffic snarls when I carelessly left my Honolulu condo to visit a friend in Wahiawa, and had to wait quite a bit while the Obama entourage passed last year in Kailua. And now he announces the “good news” that he’ll be back with his family AGAIN during the holidays.

I was furious when he claimed, “Americans have been lazy and need to do a better job of selling America”. Yet his own type of “laziness” was thoughtlessly evident in not asking leaders to wear the custom-made Hawaiian shirts for the APEC group photo shoot, which would have been seen worldwide and been a boon in promoting Hawaii. He just doesn’t get it.

I believe it would be a good time for a poll on how Hawaii residents feel about his multi-million dollar Hawaii vacation expenditures and the traffic delays he causes every time he visits. Many are already upset at him for dissing Hawaii and our Aloha shirt.  Oh, and Hawaii is NOT Asia.

P.S. I would gladly sign an online petition asking him to please not come back here. Hawaii can do without his manner of “Aloha”.

Jay Zablan is a resident of Oahu