Hawaii State Capitol - Photo: Emily Metcalf
Photo: Emily Metcalf

Hawaii has among the strictest gun laws in the nation but that isn’t stopping some state lawmakers from proposing ways to make them more restrictive.

Second Amendment advocates in Hawaii are pushing back. They will join a nationwide movement this Saturday, January 19, at noon at the Hawaii State Capitol in support of the right to keep and bear arms.

Organizers of the Guns Across America rally want to show media and lawmakers that there is support for firearms ownership.

They hope to dispel myths that the gun control advocates have been playing up in the media and become more vocal and political active to fight changes in laws.

Eric Reed, national organizer for Guns Across America events and owner of Gun Control = More Crime, said: “Our goal is to unite gun owners behind a singular message of protecting our Second Amendment rights.  We hope citizens will become more vocal and active politically in regards to any changes in gun control laws.”
Attendees will have the chance to sign a petition that will be delivered to US Senators.




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