The legislature toned down Wednesday’s opening day festivities considerably from past sessions, and both houses immediately got to work addressing the urgent business facing the state.

If you missed hearing or reading Colleen’s opening day speech at the State Capitol Wednesday, she talked about the unprecedented challenges facing us all and urged her legislative colleagues to maintain their focus on laying a foundation for Hawaii’s future success and restoring public confidence in state government.

Even with little money, this year’s session can be successful if lawmakers prioritize the hot issues and remain courageous in making the tough decisions before them.

It takes strong leadership, proven experience, and effective collaboration to tackle the hard issues and make sound decisions that benefit working people, the less fortunate, and all the people of Hawaii.

That’s Colleen’s style, and you can be certain that if elected, she’ll bring those qualities to Congress to represent our state.

‘Eric Hamakawa is the Campaign Manager for Colleen Hanabusa’s congressional campaign.
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