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EXCLUSIVE: Hawaii Reporter Livestreamed Sarah Palin Call Endorsing Candidates John Willoughby and Scott Henderson

John Willoughby

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hawaii Reporter's Laura Brown livestreamed a call from Gov. Sarah Palin today at 6:30 p.m. when she  endorsed John Willoughby, candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, Hawaii and Scott "Hendo" Henderson, House candidate for the 7th District in West Hawaii.

Viewers tuned in to watch the event occurring in a real time broadcast from Charlie and Vickie Bussell's residence in Kona.

See link here.

"The Aloha State is ripe for positive, patriotic change under the leadership of these good Americans with servant's hearts in our 50th state," says Palin on her Facebook page.

Willoughby is running against U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono for Hawaii's Second Congressional District. A highly-decorated retired Navy officer and a distinguished commercial airline pilot, Willoughby is a proponent of lower taxes, smaller government and unconditional congressional accountability.

Charlie Bussell, John Willoughby and Scott Henderson

Henderson, a retired FBI agent with 26 years of service behind him, is running against incumbent Rep. Cindy Evans for the Hawaii State House, 7th district in West Hawaii, which encompasses North Kona, Kawaiahae and Waimea.

Henderson and his wife, also an FBI agent, knew Sarah Palin when they were based in Alaska.

"Sarah and I had met in 1999. I interviewed her as the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, because we were sending one of her police officers to the FBI national academy. I had no idea then that she would become governor of a state, and I would run for office. It is an interesting twist of events."

Henderson is for lower and simplifying taxes, reforming Hawaii's education system and bringing accountability to government departments. He also is an advocate of developing geothermal energy on the island of Hawaii.

As to Palin's reasons for the call tonight and the endorsement, Henderson says: "Sarah has a finger on the pulse of the political environment in Hawaii and throughout the country. She knows this is important election - the country on the precipice. ... This is all unexpected and really exciting. It is pretty cool of her to take time out of her busy schedule to call us."

All 6 mainland candidates endorsed by Palin have won their races.

Both candidates are backed by the First Kona Tea Party and Kona Tea Party - non partisan groups - because of their advocacy for lower taxes, smaller limited government and increasing business productivity by getting government out of the way so business can prosper.

Reach Laura Brown at Laurabrown@hawaii.rr.com

Short URL: http://www.hawaiireporter.com/?p=23160

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