Graphic by Emily Metcalf
Graphic by Emily Metcalf

Statewide initial unemployment claims decreased by 12.7%, with this week’s total filings of 1,892 and filings during the same week in 2010 of 2,168.

Comparing 2011 to 2010 for the counties:

·        Oahu had 114 fewer claims filed
·        Hawaii had 55 fewer claims filed
·        Maui had 56 fewer claims filed
·        Kauai had 31 fewer claims filed

In percentage changes, comparing the current week to the same week a year ago:

·        Oahu had a 9.6% decrease
·        Hawaii had a 15.1% decrease
·        Maui had a 15.5% decrease
·        Kauai had a 19.3% decrease

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