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Help Us Support Operation Outreach Afghanistan

Rep. Elected Richard Fale

BY RICHARD FALE - It has been a busy several weeks since Election Day and I appreciate all of you who have sent your warm regards and best wishes. I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to serve these communities and to have such wonderful supporters like you.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I wanted to ask for your support for something that is very dear to my heart.  A very good family friend of ours is serving the U.S. Navy in Afghanistan.  His wife, Sepi, is helping to raise awareness for Operation Outreach Afghanistan, a group of volunteers including both military and civilians who are spend their time helping improve the lives of Afghanistan's children.  She has set a goal of gathering 10 boxes full of donations to send to this wonderful cause.

Would you consider spreading the word about this noble cause and helping collect donations of school supplies, including pens and pencils, crayons, notebooks and backpacks as well as blankets to send to Afghanistan?  You can contact me info@richardfale.com or Sepi Davis at tonga12sd@gmail.com to coordinate a drop off of the materials by the end of this week.

Having served in the Middle East as a solider for the U.S. Army, I know how incredibly meaningful it is to have the support of your family and country back home.  I remember vividly seeing a father walking his little girl to school with a large gun slung over his shoulder.  This was at a time when Taliban-rule was still fresh in people's minds and it was still dangerous for females to attend school because of lingering Taliban sentiments.  I am incredibly thankful and supportive of Sepi and her husband who are both giving so much of themselves and their families to help families like that little girl and her father to be able to have the same freedoms and privileges that we enjoy as Americans each and every day.

I hope you will help us gather some goods to send to the children of Afghanistan and share this email with others.  Again, mahalo nui for your continued support.  Please don't hesitate to contact me about this opportunity or to let me know about other important community concerns or activities that are coming up that you'd like me to know about.

Me ke aloha!


Richard Fale is a newly elected Republican state Representative for the North Shore of Oahu

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4 Comments for “Help Us Support Operation Outreach Afghanistan”

  1. Rep.Fale, after the US military has caused so much death and destruction to the Afghani folks,including alot of innocent men,women and children,now -ok! time to give the kids blankets and an armed escort for the schoolgirls.pens and pencils!!notebooks!!too little too late! we should have never invaded Afghanistan to begin with.the US Spec Ops is murdering Afghans everyday.Obama is Droning weddings in Afghanistan every so often.

  2. Wounds are done now starts the healing. It's never too late to help.

  3. honorable cause...I hope you get all the help you need. It's wonderful to make a difference....however small

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