Mike Palcic (photo courtesy of Mel Ah Ching)
Mike Palcic[/caption]

BY CLIFF AND BOBBIE SLATER – Our friend Mike Palcic, who has won the Smart Business Hawaii Award for Volunteer of the Year, among many other awards for his selfless devotion to help others in need, can now use our help.

Mike’s volunteer activities include The Muscular Dystrophy Society, The American Heart association, The Humane Society, Small Business Hawaii, Hina Mauka, The Hawaii Humane Society and many others. He has also served on many Neighborhood Boards. Mike and Julia were very helpful to the “Stop Rail Now” effort.

Mike is in California now, and has just last week received a liver transplant. He has been in California for six months awaiting the procedure, and will be there until the end of March.

The financial strain on Mike and his wife Julia has been considerable, not to mention expenses incurred by them in California. Mike has been able to stay with his sister, but of course has had considerable expenses. Julia has stayed here to work with Senator Sam Slom, and has had minimal visits to see Mike.

Please consider financial help for Mike.

You may send checks to:
Mike Palcic
c/o Kathy Bardakis
5649 Baja Drive
San Diego,
California 92115