Honolulu ranks among the worst cities for road conditions and traffic congestion, but a new study by Allstate Insurance gives Oahu drivers a bad rating as well.

Honolulu comes in a No. 128 of 200 U.S. cities in the newly released 2013 “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” and is considered one of the least safe cities for drivers.

The average driver on Oahu will be in collision on average every 8.7 years. That is a 15 percent higher chance of a collision than the national average.

Fort Collins, Colorado is ranked as the safest city, followed by Boise, Idaho; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Brownsville, Texas; and Madison, Wisconsin.

Ashley Clise, spokesperson for the Allstate NW Regional division, said Allstate’s Best Drivers Report ranks American cities based on car collision frequency, and was created to boost the country’s discussion on safe driving.

Last year, Honolulu was 113 on the list, so Hawaii slipped 15 spots over last year.  The city’s best performance was #89 in 2011, and the lowest rank was #135 in 2007, Clise said.

“Our hope is that this report will increase awareness about the importance of being safe and attentive behind the wheel,” Clise said. “Staying alert and focusing on the task at hand is the most important thing that Honolulu drivers can do to stay safe on the road.  Minimizing distractions – such as texting, talking on the cell phone, eating, and even changing the radio station – is key to staying safe while in the driver’s seat.  It is also important to watch the speed limit, know the rules of the road, and utilize your vehicle’s safety features, such as turn signals and headlights.”