Gov. Neil Abercrombie called lawmakers into special session October 28 to legalize gay marriage
TIME TO VOTE: Gov. Neil Abercrombie, the Hawaii Democratic Party and numerous special interest groups want a special session to legalize gay marriage but the Honolulu GOP is opposed

HONOLULU – Honolulu Republicans are voicing their opposition to Governor Neil Abercrombie’s call for a special legislative session.

One day before state legislators are said to be meeting to discuss a possible special session, leaders from the Honolulu County Republican Party are joining the growing opposition against holding a special session this fall to redefine marriage to include a single-sex option.

“We’re speaking out for many Hawaii residents, not just Republicans, in voicing our opposition to a special session,” said Fritz Rohlfing, Honolulu County Republican Party Chairman.  “This is a carefully-orchestrated political power play by some elected officials to pass legislation outside of the more deliberative and transparent process of the regular legislative session.”

Rohlfing goes on to argue, “A special session will cost tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars, and it will not provide a genuine opportunity for full community input by those who feel passionately about this issue. It seems some elected officials, including our Governor, would rather do what is politically convenient than deal with a controversial issue during the upcoming election year.  Clearly, we need to change the way business is done at our State Capitol.

Submitted by the Honolulu County Republican Party