How Business Savvy is Your Hawaii Lawmaker?


Each year since 1986, PAYCHECKS HAWAII, the private, independent, non-partisan political action affiliate of SmartBusiness Hawaii, rates each of the 76 state legislators on support for small business in collaboration with other small business associations, individuals, and those actively participating at the Capitol during the legislative session.
The subjective business ratings are based upon:

(1) key business votes involving tax and fee Increases;
(2) efforts to increase or decrease government size and spending;
(3) employer mandates (e.g., workers’ compensation, UI, prepaid health, etc.), labor bills affecting business (minimum wage, “union card,” etc.) and regulations;
(4) conduct in hearings, accessibility, and response of the legislator, and
(5) active sponsorship, introduction and advocacy of better business climate positions.
Each lawmaker is rated, regardless of political party, from 1, “most supportive and outspoken advocate for a better business climate,” to 5, “least supportive of small business and an improved Hawaii business climate.” Ratings may be helpful at election time.

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