BY AMANDA MCCRACKEN – Hog hunting dogs viciously attacked my 2-year-old Husky named Nani while I was on a November 26 hike down a favorite trail in Manana Falls in Aiea.

This public trail is traveled by many people with their dogs on a daily basis.  As we were making our way to the end of the trail, only minutes before passing a group with two dogs and another group with another few dogs, this pack of about 6 dogs spotted Nani and chased her as she ran for her life.

We all sprinted to catch up, the owners not in sight.  We could hear her screaming in pain after the dogs finally got to her while we were running to catch up.

As the fastest of us approached them, he found three dogs on her and had to kick them to get the dogs off.  Nani was beat up so bad that she couldn’t get up and was screaming in pain.

Not thinking about anything other than getting her to the hospital, my friend quickly picked her up and carried her to the car.  We could hear the attacked dogs getting beaten by their owners.  We were lucky to be near the end of the trail where we could easily pick her up and walk her to safety.

A police report was not made at the time of the incident because we needed to rush Nani to the veterinary hospital.

The vets worked quick to examine her and assess the damage. About $1,800 later she made it out of surgery.  The doctor stitched up over a dozen puncture wounds and let about another dozen stay open to drain out.

Nani has one broken rib and another cracked one.  Her back leg muscle was torn in half and a major artery was exposed. Had that been ripped she would have died in minutes from loss of blood.  The muscle was reconnected but there is high risk for infection.

If it does get infected the leg will need to be amputated.

Currently, she is stable and will be in the hospital for a few days.  Prognosis is Nani will not be able to walk again for a few weeks and may forever have a limp; that is if her leg doesn’t end up being amputated.

I would like to report this story so people are aware of this danger because I was completely shocked that my dog fell pray to these hog hunters’ dogs.  We have been on this trail at least four other times and never would have thought about this being an issue.

Hunters should be held responsible for controlling their dogs and absolutely never be that close to a public trail- could’ve very easily been a child or any other person, as they are often seen on this beautiful hike.  I am filing a police report and contacting the Hawaii Humane Society today as well.

I am a teacher and this dog is well known at my school.  My students have all met her and past students have seen her grow since she was a puppy.

This incident took a matter of seconds to occur, but the damages will stay with her and the people she loves forever.

Please help me make the community aware of my story so their animals might be saved and hog hunters will stay away from public trails.

Thank you for reading,

Amanda McCracken