HONOLULU – Jeff Davis has filed his nomination papers to run for the office of Governor of the State of Hawaii as a candidate from the Libertarian Party.

Davis 57, who is more commonly known as “The Solar Guy” and the host of the Hawaii’s Tomorrow radio program on KGU 760 AM, says he is running for Governor “”to get big money out of politics” by instituting campaign finance reforms such as publically financed elections, placing a greater emphasis on food production for local consumption in Hawaii’s agricultural sector, remove GMO crops from prime agricultural land in Hawaii, work towards obtaining a Hawaii exemption from the Jones Act, implementing an comprehensive energy policy, and regulate the marijuana industry in Hawaii.

Davis states: “Over the years I have had the opportunity to speak with variety of community and business leaders as a function of hosting my radio program, and the one thing that is constant among them is a frustration with the status quo and how it operates. This becomes more so when I get a chance to speak to listeners of my program. They have given up, they have no faith that the professional political class works to serve them anymore. I aim to fix that, and restore confidence in the system”.

Davis has been a leader in Hawaii’s clean energy movement for over 20 years. Davis started as solar panel retailer/installer and continues to do so today. His experience in the solar industry led to other areas of renewable energy such as, geo-thermal energy generation, generating electricity through wind power, and household fuel storage (battery) technology. In doing so, Davis has had a first hand opportunity to see how state and county governments work, or maybe more accurately put, don’t work together. Davis says “Our economy is too fragile to lose dollars we should retain for the purposes of buying energy we already have. We import 80 percent of the energy we use in this state. By implementing a coherent energy stategy we can reduce that number significantly, .”

Davis goes on to say the same concept applies to Hawaii’s agricultural sector. “We import over 18 billion dollars of food a year to this state, and our prime agricultural land is being used to grow seeds for crops that are not grown here, to produce food that is not eaten here, to generate profits for companies that are not from here. This could not be worse for our state if we tried to set it up with the intent of syphoning off our hard earned dollars, and thats whats happening. Whats more, the bio-tech industry and government in this state have turned a deaf ear to the general public when is says it does not want GMO crops grown in their counties. I feel the public has spoken, and spoken loudly. But govenrment has not responded, except to ensure the security of a business that is not wanted within the community in which it resides. If elected, I intend to support the counties and the decisions they make in regards to how thet want to manage their owncommunities.”

Davis goes on to say, “Our future is too important to leave to an unresponsive professional political class, which is why our campaign slogan is; For the people, By the People. I ask for your vote this November. The public can find out more about me and contact my campaign by going to my web site or calling (808) 544-7200.”