Joe ‘the Builder’ Running on Republican Ticket for Senate Seat 25


Originally planning on running for House District 18, Joe “the Builder” Pandolfe has switched over to Senate Seat 25-Kailua, Lanikai, Waimanalo & Hawaii Kai to run in the seat vacated by long-time Republican Fred Hemmings.

Joe’s move into politics was an unlikely one, yet one heard more and more as anti-incumbent frustrations sweep across the nation and ordinary citizens such as Joe step up to be the voice of the people. A general contractor by trade, Joe is a small business owner who runs his own construction company, and can relate to the many businesses and families in Hawaii that are suffering due to current policies.

Joe originally became involved in politics via the Tea Party movement, a non-partisan group opposed to the federal bailouts and increasing taxes in what Joe considers an “inefficient government.” Piloting the Tea Party movement in Hawaii, Joe emphasized he was not against taxes for “certain services provided by government”, but found “over taxation a direct assault on our personal freedom.”

Joe soon found the Tea Party was not enough. “I found the only way I could truly make a difference is to get involved in government, so I can be there when the legislation comes down to vote yes or no.”

He got involved in Charles Djou’s campaign, walking door to door and making hundreds of voter identification calls to help place Djou in office.

Joe’s goals in running for office are clear and straightforward: he is running to improve the small business climate, help families, and improve the public school system. He believes in limited government, fiscal accountability, and individual responsibility.

“I am going into the race with a plan of action to help our state recover. I have many friends, myself included, who are struggling to make ends meet. We are overtaxed and over regulated. We need to lower taxes to helping families and small businesses, instead of just special interests. We need to increase growth and create jobs in our state, by eliminating unnecessary government bureaucracy and regulations. I am running to fight for the future of our children. The reform agenda that I represent will make a real, immediate difference in our lifetime and make lasting improvements for generations to come.”

Senate Seat 25 leans Republican with Joe Pandolfe facing a primary September 18 against Virginia Enos, member of the Kailua Neighborhood board.

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