Say hello to Angelica Lewis :: Carleen MacKay ::  Rob Kinslow  and Fabian LewisWe are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-talented team who will serve as your guides to a future of your work, during this time of extraordinary global and technological change. Our focus is helping people improve their competitive workforce value in a fast changing, technologically advancing global economy. From strategic planning to the latest and newest marketing tools, our charter is to help people to compete in this new world of work.Wingmen2016

While we are the facilitators of a new workforce, including YOU, together, all of us are participating and creating a new way of working in the 21st century. Over the coming months, in a series of posts, we invite you to digest our easy-reading posts. Together we will focus your attention on what changes are happening in the world of work, and why the changes matter to all of us. How and where to discover new or different work that suits you. In short, the Workforce Wingmen will show you that while “jobs” dominated the 20th century workforce, WORK, in all its many expressions, now shapes the future. Retooling the stories of change from crises to opportunities, real-life stories by people who have found new, and different, ways to work will inspire you. Gone will be the once-upon-a-time 8-to-5 job and a career with just one or two employers.70-30Pie

Let’s get started with a taste of the future that is now. Did you know, for instance, that today, about a third of the U.S. workforce work as freelancers?

And that by 2020, that number will go up to 40-50% of the U.S. workforce?

50-50PieCall them free agents, part-timers, project workers or independent contractors, they move from organization-to-project-to-organization ever more frequently than in the past. This group of economic actors are the solo-preneurs, barterers, portfolio, subject-matter experts or interim workers of the 21st century. Look around your office, neighborhood or school, in a few short years, 1 out of every 2 people you see could be a freelancer or solo-preneur. Will you be one of them?

What stops you from considering a freelance option as your preferred way of working? Is it the need to externalize your sense of security to employers—who cannot, in the final analysis, offer security? Do you want to learn to internalize your sense of security to where it has always lived, within you?

Let your imagination wander as you survey the dozens of facts, ideas and multitude of career options we will highlight over the next several months. BigQuestion

Open your mind’s eye to the possibilities the future offers, at every stage of your work/life.

Join us…The New Workforce

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After 22-y of self-funding social improvement projects, Rob holds a diversified career portfolio of social purpose start-ups. Whether it is decreasing entropy, building community resilience, giving voice-to-the-voiceless, or making visible-the-invisible, his teams envision, innovate, and demonstrate community improvements, through inspiration, education, lean action and community synergy, using both local and global campaigns, focused in the areas of conservation, agriculture, and energy innovation. He has been an observer, participant and social philanthropist in the fabric of the islands, via for-benefit, for-profit and faith networks. He has a Master’s degree with distinction in Sustainable Development Leadership from Hawaii Pacific University. He is a co-founder of a new social start-up, Workforce Wingmen and public speaker for Forte Speakers Hawaii. Change agent, strategic sustainability advisor, and inspirational public speaker, his audiences span Hawaii's business, government, and educational organizations. Combining a friendly approach, a professional curiosity, and downbeat humor, in his presentations, shift happens. At, he writes about science, climate change, spirituality, and sustainability systems, and how these scale to social improvement.