Kymberly Pine starts a GoFundMe for VeteranX Runner John Gollner after he mysteriously goes blind


Over a decade ago, after returning from the war in Iraq, John Gollner began to lose his vision and hear a constant ringing in his ear.

At first, no one in the medical profession could explain the origin of his symptoms.  He was the first Iraq veteran to have these symptoms.

Then others started to report similar issues.

He has had years of surgeries and his vision has improved or became stable enough for him to work .

However, just recently, he unexpectedly went completely blind.  Doctors that he has gone to are still baffled on what to do to save his vision.

He was training to raise funds for various causes and to bring hope to other veterans suffering from the effects of the Iraq war, and had run over 1200 miles so far. See .

During his runs he had three goals:
1) to raise funds for various charities
2) to encourage people to reach out to people they haven’t for a long time or would not normally reach out to
3) and to forgive and love others. To be better than we are. To always do more for others.

He ran with a 33lb pack and the American Battle flag which flew 171 combat missions with him over Iraq. If you honk he holds up 3 fingers.

But now he is blind and can no longer run. He is currently, applying for veterans benefits which will take 60 days to receive so we have started a GOFundMe to help him with his current expenses.

We want to help him to fly to where ever in the world he needs to to find an eye specialist that can help him. Most of the funds raised will be for his medical expenses.

John is a selfless man with a big heart who has always put others before himself.  We friends and supporters of John have put this campaign together because it is time that he finally receive the love and support that he has given to so many others.  John lives to help others.  He needs his vision or some of it to carry-on his lifelong dream to serve others.

Mahalo for supporting JOHN >>

Kymberly Marcos Pine