Larry Fenton: City Council District 6 Candidate


Hawaii Reporter City Council Candidate Questions for 2010

Name: Larry Fenton

Current job:  Ironworker, Vice chair of Democratic Party Labor Caucus

Residence, how long you’ve lived in the district: 3 years.

Background that qualifies you for the position:  I’m a resident and registered voter in the district.  I’ve worked as a paid campaign organizer, promoted the rail project in 2008 which won 53% of the vote, current vice-chair of the Democratic Party Labor Caucus.  

What else have you run for?  Have you been in public office before and if so, what position? I ran for Congress in 2000 and won the primary election as a member of the Reform Party.  No, but I think it’s time that working people get into public office.

What are the biggest issue in your district and your proposed solution?:  The biggest issue in my opinion is the economy.  A lot of people are out of work and out of a home due to the recent downturn.  I would look towards infrastructure improvements in the sewers, road system, and rail project to provide jobs.  Rail alone will produce 10,000 jobs per year, 4000 of those in construction.

Please share how you voted on the rail question in the 2008 election and why?  Will you vote to expand the rail line in the future?:  I voted for rail in the 2008 election because I want to help bring Honolulu in to the 21st century.  Freeway congestion is already slowing us down significantly and it’s important for people to get where they need to go on time.  Rail will provide a much needed alternative to traffic jams on H-1.  I would only vote to expand the rail line in the future if we have adequate funding and other infrastructure issues such as the sewer and roadway systems are resolved to resident’s satisfaction.

Please share your position on Bed and Breakfasts in residential neighborhoods?:  I would vote to legalize currently illegal bed and breakfasts so the city and county could collect tax revenue from them.  They also may be banned in certain areas depending on resident’s collective viewpoint.

What are your solutions to Oahu’s trash problem?:  Burn trash using biodiesel fuel.  Whatever cannot be burned should be recycled.  Dispose of ashes in a landfill.

There is more than 1 water main break on average per day on Oahu.  What is your solution to fix this?:  I would solicit the federal government for funding to relieve our infrastructure problems.   Then I would refer the solution for fixing the problem to the planning department and civil engineers. 

Complying with Oahu’s sewage consent decree will cost city taxpayers $4 billion.  What are your plans to balance the city budget and pay this debt?:  I would increase taxes on 2nd, vacation, or out of state residents and review what corporations doing business in Hawaii are paying to see if their share needs to be increased as well.      

What is your position on taxes and fees?  Are they high enough or should they continue to increase?:  Current tax rates are high enough.  I see no need to increase taxes on Oahu residents.

Would you sign a pledge not to raise taxes in the future by introducing legislation or supporting legislation that raises taxes?:  Is this a trick question?  No, I would not sign a pledge not to raise taxes by introducing legislation to raise them. 

What are your solutions for homelessness on Oahu?  Should homeless be allowed to sleep in parks and at the beach where camping is not allowed, and if not, what are your plans?  If so, what will be done to keep the parks clean and user friendly for taxpayers?:  I would look into the possibility of using abandoned commercial or government buildings to provide shelter.  This would keep the homeless out of the parks and beaches. 

Please share the most interesting thing about yourself.:  I think the most interesting thing about me is that I’m well traveled.  I’ve been to many foreign countries and lived in many different places.  I served 4 years in the US ARMY with the 82nd airborne division as an infantry paratrooper.  I consider myself a cosmopolitan type of person and I like the action and variety that urban areas offer.   Sometimes life long residents of the same area  lack experience, ideas, and benefits that go with seeing how other people in the world live.

If you could ask any of your competitors one question, what would you ask and to who? :  I would ask Bob Vieira and Frank Lavoie concerning the rail initiative in 2008 if they thought it would be ok to nullify the legally sanctioned vote of the people to approve steel on steel rail transit and how they would square that opinion with the constitution?

Endorsements?:  Bixby Ho.

Contact Information. 

Larry Fenton for City Council District 6

PO Box 22834

Honolulu, HI 96823-2834

(808) 757-2353


Web Site:

Campaign slogan:  People Power Program – Keep working people working and their kids in school, restore ethics to local government, build the rail project to get cars, trucks, and buses off the road, and establish green based technology through green building design, zip and electric cars, and wind power.