LIGHTEN UP: Hawaii lawmakers may consider easing access to medical marijuana. Photo courtesy of Reason
Photo courtesy of Reason

Bills to legalize marijuana in Hawaii like lawmakers did last year in Washington and Colorado seemed to have momentum at the beginning of Hawaii’s legislative session, but the bills died.

However, Hawaii lawmakers are moving forward with a bill to decriminalize marijuana.

Marijuana possession and use would still be illegal without a medical marijuana license, but the punishment for getting caught with marijuana would be a civil fine of $100 not arrest and possible jail time.

But there are some law enforcement and others in the community opposed to decriminalization and they are planning a rally of their own at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 26, at 4 p.m..

Among their concerns are that repeat offenders will have no consequences other than additional fines, and that children will become addicted to the drug.

Some of the many groups sponsoring today’s rally include the Coalition for a Drug Free Hawaii, Coalition for a Drug Free Lanai and Hawaii Family Advocates. Hawaii law enforcement are also participating.