Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 6.54.02 PMJoin the leaders, thinkers and doers using technology and innovation to accelerate a more equitable economy. Today, the summer solstice, was the first day of the VERGE conference in Honolulu. It is being held at the Hilton Hawaiian hotel.

Rates are quite expensive however, if you’re seeking green biz meaning or employment, as I am, you’ll want to register for the streaming event online. You can view the conference speakers and attend virtually all program events. You will also get access to the presentations and videos from the conference post event.

What is Green business? Visit for more information.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.44.26 PM “Simply put,” explains Rob Kinslow, “Green business, is business with social AND ecological purpose.”

Should you be interested in any of these topics, the speakers, or themes, likely you would be interested in Green business.

Whether it’s Guru Lunches, Birds of a Feather networking events, vh16vendiagramnologoAccelerate pitch fest, or cutting-edge workshops, if you are interested in the nexus of energy, technology, policy, models, and infrastructure, you’ll want to register for VERGE right now!

Thanks to the sponsors, esp. the Hawaii State Energy Office. In my experience, the following people work to make our lives more renew-ably powered: Luis Salaveria, Mark Glick, Elizabeth (Udui) Raman and Howard Wiig

The conference continues through 22 and 23rd of June. For more information check the program here and register for the live feed here. For any problems registering contact



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After 22-y of self-funding social improvement projects, Rob holds a diversified career portfolio of social purpose start-ups. Whether it is decreasing entropy, building community resilience, giving voice-to-the-voiceless, or making visible-the-invisible, his teams envision, innovate, and demonstrate community improvements, through inspiration, education, lean action and community synergy, using both local and global campaigns, focused in the areas of conservation, agriculture, and energy innovation. He has been an observer, participant and social philanthropist in the fabric of the islands, via for-benefit, for-profit and faith networks. He has a Master’s degree with distinction in Sustainable Development Leadership from Hawaii Pacific University. He is a co-founder of a new social start-up, Workforce Wingmen and public speaker for Forte Speakers Hawaii. Change agent, strategic sustainability advisor, and inspirational public speaker, his audiences span Hawaii's business, government, and educational organizations. Combining a friendly approach, a professional curiosity, and downbeat humor, in his presentations, shift happens. At, he writes about science, climate change, spirituality, and sustainability systems, and how these scale to social improvement.