Rep. Mark Takai is a congressional candidate in 2014
Rep. Mark Takai is a congressional candidate in 2014

Following a strong first fundraising quarter, Mark Takai continued his momentum by picking up an early endorsement from the International Iron Workers Union, Local 625.

This union represents thousands of working families in Hawaii and will help fuel Takai’s grassroots, people-powered campaign.

“We know that Mark Takai will be a strong representative for working families – he is the right choice for Hawaii’s First Congressional District,” said Iron Worker’s Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Business Manager Joseph O’Donnell.

“Most families in Hawaii are living paycheck-to-paycheck. I know how hard it can be for families to get by in this economy, and it’s only getting harder. Throughout my 19 years as a legislator, I’ve stood with working people every time I had the opportunity, without exception,” Takai said of the endorsement.

“Not only will I oppose Tea Party efforts to break unions, I will be a voice in Congress fighting for equal pay for equal work, strong work place safety standards and reasonable job protections,” Takai added.