Monkey News: GMO protestors claim to have uncovered odd Sturgeon/Papaya mutant

This photo purports to show a genetic mutant Sturgeon/Papaya hybrid gone horribly wrong.

A GMO protestor group has held a press conference to reveal photos and information they say proves that certain GMO companies on Kauai are working on new hybrid papayas that also produce caviar.  The group displayed photos they say were taken in an experimental field that purports to show one of the failed attempts to create such a product.  The photo appears to be a combination of Sturgeon and Papaya DNA that misfired and produced a hideous papaya tree with several large Sturgeons clustered at the top among the fruit.

“This thing is just another abomination to nature, and proof that these GMO companies are attempting to play God.” said a spokeswoman for Babes Against Biotech.  “We are calling for bills to label, outlaw and punish by death any use of so-called science in the production of food,” continued the partially clad “Babe.”

Stirred up by the recent “Mana March” on Kauai, anti-GMO groups are making new accusations on almost a daily basis.  One man associated with anti-GMO activities said he was driving near a corporate agricultural operation when he was forcefully abducted from his car and dipped into a tank of Agent Orange by laughing workers.

This photo purports to show a genetic mutant Sturgeon/Papaya hybrid gone horribly wrong.

Asked to respond, a representative of the GMO company said simply, “I saw the photos and they are obviously Photoshopped. There is no such thing as a Sturgeon/Papaya caviar program.” “These people are a little whacky,” added the company official.  He recounted how several young naked women with machetes were spotted near one of the larger papaya fields.  He said police were called, but the women escaped leaving behind a couple of machetes, a sign that read: NO TO MONSTER GMO FISH TREES!, and a handful of Gary Hooser brochures.

It is claimed that the goal of the GMO companies was a papaya that also produced high-grade caviar.




  1. I wish the anti-GMO groups would consider what would have happened to the papaya farmers if it werenʻt for GMO papaya. There are two-sides to this story and it bothers me that they are so intent on the end of something that saved the farms and saved the lands. If the papaya farmers would have gone out of business from the ring-worm virus, the lands would have been sold and probably developed. Then these lands would have been lost altogether. It is understandable that the anti-GMO groups want to end the Monsanto hold on farms/farming and food production but to go after the small farmers who needed to be rescued with science is just wrong. Most of the small farmers try to be grow as naturally as possible. Are the anti-GMO supporters going to help pay these farmerʻs bills and feed their families? Probably not. The sheer insanity is only hurting their cause and turning public opinion against them. Laugh not but when ag lands are lost and farmers are homeless then what?

  2. I agree with you Miso. The fact that Japan has approved Rainbow Papaya (GMO) for import speaks to its safety. They really scrutinized it and found it to be fine. This will help expand the market for Kauai's farmers and is part of the solution for ag jobs and the general economy. There are some people who just don't get it and want to do an eco-Taliban thing on it.

  3. @Mitchell Weitz- looks like we have been having nuclear annihilation in japan for over 2 years now thanks to fukushima nuke reactor crisis.

  4. Hello Everyone?

    A suggestion! Instead of working on our consumable products as vegetables, meat, etc., how about attacking the perpetrator insect, disease, etc.? GMO them in a way, they hurt only themselves, or affect only their species to a
    controllable circumstance. We'd then be eating (as it once was before), organic vegetables and meat with rbst, etc.!
    Think about it.

  5. One More Comment:

    I meant without rbst a growth enhancing drug (harmone) that is used to mutate cows for making more milk, more lean meats and larger breast in chickens, etc.! I wonder if eating these animals, or consuming their products result in our
    obese children? Hummmm, another item to think about? As pros GMO say, there is no data to substantiate the adverse allegations, but then again, there s no data to not substantiate it does?

  6. @ Edward- if you wanna chow down on some free-range,grass fed cattle that are rbst-free,anti-biotic free then plese check out Higa Foodservice.a meat and pork in Honolulu,practically downtown. the address:225 north Nimitz highway phone #:808 531 3591. website they sell meat from ranches on the big island. as for GMO foods- if consumers want it they should have the choices to purchase the foods.

  7. How come that those GMO papaya farmers on the Big Island are all Filipinos who don't speak English? Only their children are being sent to give testimony. Is the dirty secret that they got a special work permit for farming GMO? Are they even legally here?

    If ag jobs and farm ownership would give legal visas to Third World countries we would have many, many more coffee farmers from Central America, don't you think? Or why did Spanish speaking folks didn't go into GMO papayas?

    Something fishy–and it isn't caviar.

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