Nene are back on the golf course of Waikoloa. Early season monitoring efforts show a record number of Nene present in Waikoloa this year, with as many as 22 individuals using the fairways and pondsof the Village golf course. This increase in numbers will likely result in an increase in nesting effort, as well.
Nene, also known as Hawaiian Goose, on the golf course of Waikoloa

Nene Goose Rules and Guidelines

Residents and visitors are reminded that feeding or providing water for Nene is illegal, NOT beneficial, and can actually lead to developmental problems in goslings.

Please respect these endangered birds this winter by leaving them alone and enjoying their presence from a distance.
A sign in Hawaiʻi warning of crossing Hawaiian Geese

So, just in case it’s not sufficiently stimulating to play the 6,791-yard, par 72 semi-private course at Waikoloa Village, it’s nice to know you’ll be treated to a display of the official bird of the state of Hawaiʻi, while you’re at it.

Enjoy the course, enjoy the show, and please – avoid the birdies.




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