U.S. Senator Brian Schatz
U.S. Senator Brian Schatz

By Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

Skeptics of man-made global warming need to be “ridiculed” said U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz, a Democrat from Hawaii who spoke at last week’s Netroots Nation gathering in San Jose, Calif.

“These people have to be ridiculed,” Schatz said at the gathering of liberal activists. “They have to be run out of town rhetorically.”

So much for tolerance and civil discourse, a supposed hallmark of America’s supposedly peaceful progressive movement.

Schatz, appointed to fill the vacancy caused by Sen. Daniel Inouye’s passing last year, is a global warming alarmist who believes in his heart that climate change is man made and solvable.

Earlier this year, Schatz worked with Democrats to write a “discussion draft” of legislation that would impose fees — known as taxes outside the Beltway — on carbon emissions.

The group didn’t outline how they’d plan to spend their treasure, likely to be in the billions each year. They suggested, though, that the money be redistributed to low-income families or used to invest in green technologies.

Schatz also filed an amendment to the immigration reform bill moving through the U.S. Senate that would grant legal status to immigrants displaced by global warming.

“It simply recognizes that climate change, like war, is one of the most significant contributors to homelessness in the world,” Schatz said previously, according to Think Progress. “And like with states torn apart and made uninhabitable by war, we have an obligation not to deport people back to a country made uninhabitable by sea level rise and other extreme environmental changes that render these states desolate.”

The effort earned Schatz some ridicule of his own on Twitter.

http://t.co/iSPSIjINXr Umm…Hawaii…you have a “leader” who is mindnumbingly stupid. You might want to change that.

— John LaRosa (@jslconsulting) June 21, 2013


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