Roadside Rally Against Puppy Mills, Saturday, January 28, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Pearl Kai Shopping Center – Aiea, (across Pearl Ridge – makai of Kamehameha Hwy)

The Aloha Pet Shop in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center in Aiea was recently opened by Sheryl Luke-Kalani, one of the owners of the infamous Waimanalo puppy mill.

Luke-Kalani’s other shop, Pet Spot, in the Pearl Highlands area, went out of business because of community outrage at the horrendous conditions in which their animals were kept. The Pet Shop is where they sold their “puppy mill” puppies. Now they’re at it again.

Join PDP and area legislator Representative K. Mark Takai at the ROADSIDE RALLY AGAINST PUPPY MILLS to show Luke-Kalani and the Aloha Pet Shop that it is not ok with animal lovers on Oahu that she is opening another pet shop and selling more puppies!

Although signs will be available, please feel free to bring your own. And bring your family and friends too! Its time to stop these people from doing business in Hawaii. Refreshments will be provided.

For more information or to join the rally, contact Alicia at Directions about where to meet and where to park will be provided.
Dog Breeder and Dealer Licensing Needed in Hawaii
Hawaii should follow Wisconsin by passing mandated licensing and registration for dog breeders and sellers such as pet stores. We need to protect not only the animals but the people that purchase them.
Hawaii’s proposed “puppy mill” bill just doesn’t go far enough because it limits the law to only large scale breeders (those with 25 intact females) instead of casting a wider net. We want reputable breeders that are committed to unannounced inspections, upholding standards of care, and limit breeding to ensure the health of the mommy. Read more about the Wisconsin dog law here.
But remember – too many dogs and not enough homes results in a high euthanasia rate for puppies that grow up and become dogs.
Submitted by POi Dogs and PoPoki