HONOLULU—The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) announced today, they are sponsoring a live televised gubernatorial debate from the Hawaii Convention Center between former Congressman Neil Abercrombie and Lt. Governor James “Duke” Aiona on Oct 12, 2010, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on cable television station OC16.

“OHA is very pleased to be able to sponsor this important community interest event,” said Clyde Nāmu‘o, OHA’s chief executive officer. “This is the most important election for Hawaii for the next four years and we want to encourage everyone to tune in and also to exercise their right and please vote.”

The debate will be broadcast live on OC 16 (channel 16 on Oceanic Cable) and HD 1016 (Oceanic Cable’s High Definition channel 1016).

Live streaming can be viewed at www.OC16.tv and will also be available on demand beginning Wednesday at Oceanic Cable 15.

About OHA

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is a unique, independent state agency established through the Hawai‘i State Constitution and statutes to advocate for the betterment of conditions of all Native Hawaiians, with a Board of Trustees elected by the voters of Hawai‘i. OHA is guided by a vision and mission to ensure the perpetuation of the culture, protect the entitlements of Native Hawaiians, and build a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation. For more information, visit www.oha.org.

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