On the Ballot in Hawaii: Tax and Spend Measures


BY THE NATIONAL TAXPAYERS UNION — Voters in Hawaii face many important decisions next month, including decisions about state and local ballot measures that could have an especially profound impact on tax, spending, and other fiscal policies. That is why the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) has published its 2010 Ballot Guide: The Taxpayer’s Perspective, an analysis of hundreds of these ballot questions in over 33 states, including Hawaii. Click here to view the guide.

NTU’s Taxpayer’s Perspective is more than a stand-alone list of ballot measures; it evaluates how the state and local ballot measures may harm the local economy, grow the size of the government, or pinch your family’s pocketbook even further. The guide also evaluates opportunities for you to exercise a greater degree of control over government tax, spending, and regulatory powers, and bring more accountability to government.

The Taxpayer’s Perspective highlights two ballot measures in Hawaii, including a statewide measure that would give the legislature discretion to use property tax rebates intended for taxpayers and a local measure in Oahu that would create a transit authority to oversee a rail project.

We hope that you find The Taxpayer’s Perspective useful in evaluating the ballot measures in Hawaii!

Hawaii Statewide

( ) The Hawaii Tax Rebates Amendment on the statewide ballot would amend the Constitution give the Legislature discretion to direct excess tax revenue into a reserve fund. Currently, the State Constitution requires excess funds to be returned to taxpayers. While a reserve fund is a worthwhile protection from economic fluctuations, the state should restructure its budget to finance it from existing revenues rather than threatening tax rebates.


( ) Oahu residents will vote on a proposal to establish a transit authority for rail and bus services. Fiscal conservatives are concerned that the city and rail service proponents are moving too fast to approve transportation projects without considering the costs.

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