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Oops, they did it again! Mainland suicide law proponents back in Hawaii

BY KAREN DICOSTANZO - Oops, they did it again! Mainland suicide law proponents descended on Hawaii this week for a panel discussion hosted by Rep. Blake Oshiro and sponsored by Honolulu Star-Advertiser. As before, they used misinformation to bolster their claim that physician assisted suicide is "already legal" in Hawaii.

Of course, this begs the question: If physician assisted suicide is "already legal" in Hawaii, why have suicide law proponents been trying--unsuccessfully--to legalize it for the past 10 years?

The "panel" for the panel discussion consisted solely of suicide activists, so this was not a bona fide effort to air opinions from both sides and maintain balance. Rather, this was meant as a PR stunt to create a news story and arouse public interest in their cause.

Suicide law proponents are using a 1909 Hawaii law as a basis for their assertions, claiming the law allows doctors to administer lethal drugs upon patient request. In fact, this law was written to allow doctors to administer non-traditional/herbal drugs in battling such illnesses as Hansen's Disease (leprosy), tuberculousis, and asthma.

It is obvious that by grasping at straws such as this, their argument is indeed weak. Nevertheless, using equally weak arguments, physician assisted suicide was legalized in states like Oregon and Washington. We need to act now to counter these ridiculous claims and protect the public from these false reports.

Karen DiCostanzo is the President of the Aloha Life Advocates

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6 Comments for “Oops, they did it again! Mainland suicide law proponents back in Hawaii”

  1. Those who promote assisted-suicide have regularly used deceptive "marketing" practices to fool the public about the laws, standards and reality of health care. Compassion & Choices President Barbara Coombs Lee doesn't go around advertising that she was Vice President for a major health care HMO and is recorded as saying that assisted-suicide can save money over the costs of caring for those in need. Where is she coming from? Certainly not patient advocacy or patient dignity!

    As they say, "follow the money." There is a decades-long effort to change how people think about the vulnerable disabled and elderly in this country, incrementally moving toward euthanasia and even involuntary euthanasia as is promoted by utilitarians like Prof. Peter Singer of Princeton where animals may be considered as having more "rights" or "worth" than a human baby.

    And if we are to speak frankly, there are physicians and nurses who are already hastening death in a myriad of ways, stealth euthanasia really, one method being withdrawing food and fluid and sedating the patient till death.

    So-called "voluntary" stopping eating and drinking can be coerced and the "choice" these assisted-suicide proponents offer is often coerced. The vulnerable can be made to feel unworthy, unwanted and a burden. However, a civilized society cares for those in need, and certainly doesn't "assist" them to death.

    Assisted-suicide proponent Philip Nitschke, MD, Australia's "Doctor Death" has said, "It is often difficult to know what constitutes assisting suicide. The best advice is to do it and say you didn't." In other words, assisted-suicide proponents deceive in order to further their agenda.

  2. [...] Soon after the panel convened last week, Karen DiConstanzo, President of the Aloha Life Advocates, released a statement calling the panel a “PR stunt to create a news story and arouse public interest in their [...]

  3. [...] “Oops, they did it again,” responded the president of the Aloha Life Advocates, Karen DiCostanzo, in the Hawaii Reporter. [...]

  4. I don't support assisted suicide at all. It's a killing and no one have the right to kill a people. Although I hope Hawaii will reconsider the whole fact once again and will stop the assisted suicide. Thanks.
    assisted suicides

  5. Assisted suicide should be legal. It's revolting that people must wait for their death and suffer, while thinking this is how they're going to spend the rest of their lives. People who are against it have no heart, I swear.

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