No New Taxes

No New TaxesSenate Democrats are proposing to raise the General Excise Tax (HB 793). Become informed on this issue and take action by going to the links posted below. Call your legislator. Send in testimony. The hearing for HB 793 is tomorrow (Wed. April 16) at the State Capitol Auditorium starting at 9:30 a.m.

Your help is needed. Call your legislator and tell them NOT to increase the General Excise Tax (HB 793 in the Senate). Use the links below to get information and make contact with your legislator. Send testimony in today. Use the links below.

HB 793 SD1(Proposed Senate Draft)

WAM Hearing Notice for HB 793 SD1

Bill Status HB 793

Senate Ways & Means Committee Members / Contact List

Contact for All State Legislators (House & Senate Phone Directory)

Email Testimony Form




  1. The politicians should start to look at all the non-profit orginazations whose CEO’s earn over a million dollars in compensation. I think that any non profit organization that can pay out that can of salary is operating a for profit entity. Also taxing Political Contributions at 10% of the gross contributions received would generate a huge chunk of dough too.

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