Partisan Politics Dominate Statewide But In Ewa Beach Republicans and Democrats Are Coming Together by Kymberly Pine


While partisan politics have dominated this election season, there is
one place in Hawaii where people are throwing out their party labels
to come together for their community.
Two Ewa Beach Democrat leaders have endorsed their former Republican
opponents.  Scott Belford who ran a tough campaign as a Democrat
against Kymberly Pine in 2006 has endorsed her for re-election to the
State House seat.  Celeste Lacuesta who ran this year in the Democrat
primary for State Senate has endorsed her Republican opponent, Tito
“I have never seen this before in politics,” said Rep. Pine.  “We have
all grown tired of business as usual and we realized that people of
both parties have good ideas and that we need each other to bring
positive changes to our community.
“I am honored to end our campaign on such a high note, which shows my
community that Democrats and Republicans are united in the belief that
we can work together for the sake of our community,” she said
“I am a true pitbull Democrat but I now am one of Kymberly’s
supporters,” said Scott Belford.  “I have grown to respect her love
for our community and her willingness to fight for us.  Unlike her
opponent who is running for office to further his career, Kym wants to
be in office to help the people of Ewa Beach.  She will take care of
The Hawaii Government Employees Union and the AFL-CIO have spent
thousands of dollars to defeat Rep. Pine and to distort her record in
support of her opponent Jason Bradshaw, a former Kailua Neighborhood
Board member and Kailua Candidate for State House in the 2008
“For many years, Ewa Beach was neglected” said Lacuesta a former
union leader who recently united with Republicans and Democrats on the
Ewa Neighborhood Board to oust Chair Kurt Fevella when the board was
faced with sanctions. “When we work together good things have
happened.  I strongly believe that Tito will place Ewa Beach first in
all his decisions.”