PAYCHECKS HAWAII Candidate Endorsements

Among the endorsed candidates are (L-R): James “Duke” Aiona & Lynn Finnegan for Governor, Lt. Governor; Charles Djou for U.S. Congress (1st), for State Senate – Lisa Shorba, Sam Slom, Virginia Enos and David Chang for State House.

FROM SMART BUSINESS HAWAII: PAYCHECKS HAWAII, the private, independent, non-partisan political action affiliate of Smart Business Hawaii has announced the following federal and state pro business candidate endorsements for the November 2, 2010 Hawaii General Election:


    Cam Cavasso *

    US Senate
    Charles Djou

    US House of Representatives (1st)
    John Willoughby US House of Representatives (2nd)
    James “Duke” Aiona

    Lynn Finnegan

    Lt. Governor
    David Hamman

    Senate (7th)
    Sam Slom *

    Senate (8th)
    Lisa Shorba

    Senate (9th)
    Mike Gabbard

    Senate (19th)
    Tito Montes

    Senate (20th)
    Donovan Delacruz

    Senate (22nd)
    Tracy Bean

    Senate (24th)
    Virginia Enos

    Senate (25th)
    Harry Williams

    House (14th)
    Gene Ward *+

    House (17th)
    Chris Baron

    House (18th)
    Barbara Marumoto *+

    House (19th)
    Julia Allen *

    House (20th)
    Jay Lembeck

    House (21st)
    Corrine Ching

    House (27th)
    David Chang

    House (28th)
    Ken Harding

    House (29th)
    Aaron L. Johanson

    House (32nd)
    Sam Kong

    House (33rd)
    Dr. Reed Shiraki

    House (36th)
    Beth Fukumoto

    House (37th)
    Sam Curtis

    House (39th)
    Marissa Capelouto *

    House (40th)
    Tom Berg

    House (42nd)
    Kym Pine

    House (43rd)
    Gil Riviere

    House (46th)
    Richard Fale

    House (47th)
    Cynthia Thielen *+

    House (51st)

Clip and save this list. These candidates offer the best chance for an improved Hawaii business climate and reduced taxes and employer mandates.

* Member, Smart Business Hawaii
+ had no opponent; automatically re-elected in the September 18 primary election, name will not be on general election ballot.
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For more information regarding the upcoming election visit the hawaii state elections website: Candidate profiles can be found at

Melvin Ah Ching is one of the web content editors for Smart Business Hawaii.