“Malia Lt Blue Top Image”

”V for Peace?”

”’The Honolulu Advertiser”’ ran an article in the Sunday edition with a photo of a Korean War Veteran in Saturday’s parade. The veteran was holding his fore and middle finger up in the shape of the letter V.

The Advertiser, demonstrating once again its strong political position devoid of reality, captioned the photo by saying the veteran was flashing a “peace sign.”

It is doubtful, as the Advertiser editors surely know, that any American patriot or war veteran would flash anything less than a V for “victory” sign.

The “peace” sign was an invention of those from the 1970s who opposed the American military.

The ”’Honolulu Star Bulletin”’ the next day in its Monday, July 28 edition, ran a story by the Associated Press with a photo showing “Mutinous Philippine soldiers flashing a ‘victory sign’ after agreeing to drive back to their barracks