Democrats, Mainstream Media berate Tea Party
Tea Party demonized, berated, by Domocrats, media
Democrats, Mainstream Media berate Tea Party
Tea Party demonized, berated, by Domocrats, media



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John Pritchett is one of Hawaii's leading cartoonists with his journalistic endeavors appearing weekly in Hawaii Reporter, Honolulu Weekly and Lahaina News. John also provides illustrations and cartoons on environmental issues for Environment Hawaii. He has also published books on local politics including "Drawn & Quartered" and "The Unbelievable Empire," and "Jeremy's World Comics." Pritchett also provides cartoons, caricatures and illustrations to national and international newspapers, magazines and Web sites. John has been honored with awards from: The United Nations Correspondents Association, Hawaii Publishers Association, The Hawaii Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, Common Cause Hawaii, and Small Business Hawaii. See his web site at


  1. “Government isn’t perfect. But some people wish it was better, not gone.” I think it is sad that people are stupid enough to believe the Tea Party even cares about the American People. I would like to thank the Tea Party for revealing the man behind the curtain, who is not a wizard but a wolf billionaire who is bent on an American Plutocracy…I just never thought anyone like Pritchett would support them. If you want to take America back to the 1890’s where workers have no rights…Vote for the Tea Party…If you want to give the Koch Brothers and American Corporations the right to pay ZERO taxes while they continue to make millions off the American economy…Vote for the Tea Party

  2. Pritchett great cartoon.! To bad DeMarco is a puppet spewing the “Billionare” George Soros’ Progressive/Socialist “Media Matters Talking Points.” It’s obvious all he has are “collective dictated thoughts.” Otherwise known as a mindless Zombie… And, to all the mindless Zombies out there, thanks for the credit downgrade..!

  3. I’ll take the Tea Party. TEA =Taxed Enough Already

    By the way DeMarco how much do you get from the government each month?

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